lundi 28 mars 2011


Today photographer Antony Crook steps into the studio of acclaimed graphic design and art direction team M/M (Paris) as they prep a new range of scarves inspired by the artwork on West's latest, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The superstar commissioned M/M's Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag to create an illustrative letterset for the album's liner notes as a complement to its cover art series of five bawdy paintings by American artist George Condo. Augustyniak and Amzalag subsequently approached West with the idea to remix the artistic elements into a range of silk scarves, pairing their baroque-style letters with Condo’s images, such as a severed head wearing a crown and a naked sphinx straddling a likeness of West. Augustyniak and Amzalag have collaborated on artwork and music videos for Björk for over a decade, but working with West was an education—“a complex exploration of power,” in their words. The scarves, which measure almost a square meter in size, will be sold in a limited-edition of 250 (50 of each of five designs) this spring at Colette and To read about the new publishing venture from M/M (Paris)

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