lundi 28 mars 2011

MUSIC -CLAIRE DENIS - FILM SCORES (1996-2009) - 2011

The Constellation record label provides an intoxicating hint at its upcoming 5 disc boxset of music by Tindersticks (and, presumably, the solo work by Stuart A. Staples) for films by Claire Denis: Claire Denis Film Scores (1996-2009).

The score for Trouble Every Day (2001) is, in my humble opinion, the best film score of the 2000s; and the theme (by Staples) for L'intrus is up there as well. Sample some highlights provided by the label below; they make clear, if you weren't already familiar with the Denis-Tindersticks collabs, that the set, out April 26, is a must purchase.

For those lucky residents of London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris, the Tindersticks will be performing their music for Denis's films live in April and May this year.

TINDERSTICKS - Claire Denis Film Scores BOX SET PREVIEW by Constellation Records

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