mardi 22 mars 2011


Sophia Takal, the first-time director of Green, gets to the same dark place, deploying the flamethrower glare of actor Kate Lyn Sheil to ignite her rustic psychodrama. It concerns hip Brooklyn couple Sebastian (Lawrence Levine) and Genevieve (Sheil), whose relationship goes through a loop when they retreat to a country house where he intends to write about an adventure in sustainable living. Their solitude is soon gate-crashed by Robin (Takal), a compulsively chatty neighbor whose twangy intrusiveness gradually charms Genevieve and then Sebastian, even though her lack of urban sophistication and casual regard to boundaries make her, at first, a source of condescending amusement. Pretty quickly, though, you surmise that this isn’t some micro budget riff on Green Acres.

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