samedi 26 mars 2011


Animal Collective have teamed up with the apparel company Keep to design their own line of sneakers, which ship tomorrow to those who have pre-ordered them. Sales of the shoes benefit the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, an organization that works to preserve the the Revillagigedo Archipelago off California's coast. Each pair of pre-ordered shoes comes with a cassette tape (pictured above) that features one previously unreleased song from each of Animal Collective's four members.

Up above, stream Panda Bear's contribution to the tape, "The Preakness", named for the horse race and excuse to party that makes Baltimore, Animal Collective's hometown, just a little bit drunker once a year. With its dazed vocals and warped synthetic beat, the track is vintage Panda Bear.

The Preakness, c'est le nom d'une course de chevals qui a lieu chaque année sur l'hippodrome de Pimlico, un quartier de Batlimore, le fief du gang révolutionnaire. Doivent prendre une drôle d'allure, les chevals, avec pareille élégie défoncée stagnante à leurs trousses. Allez courrez les petits chevals, courrez !

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