mercredi 28 décembre 2011


Paint Paper Palms
Sam Falls
Dashwood Books, 2011

Skillfully negotiating the shoals surrounded by painting, photography, printmaking and advertising, this enterprising artist takes color photographs of everyday subjects that he supplements, via Photoshop, with blocks of abstract color before making archival pigment prints, which he augments with pastel and acrylic. “Painting and photography are inherently linked in my mind; the goal is to engage them with presence. The aesthetics of minimalism and the drive of modernism are continually dominant and deserve perpetual consideration and updating. From film to digital painting to painting on paper, we move from content to color to form and back again. The seduction of an artwork is that of a landscape and the same for a person - it can be quiet and sublime or aggressively colorful. They're both inexhaustible. The significance lies in perception. It's the same as driving through the deserts of West Texas or standing on an overgrown hill in Los Angeles, nothing really changes, but it's everything to me.” Sam Falls

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