mardi 22 mai 2012


David Delalée is a Parisian artist known as Lylybye, photographer, make-up artist and graphic designer. Here you have part of his work, specifically his collages where he creates complex shapes made thanks to cuts from fashion magazines and photographs of ancient statues. The result is disquieting and beautiful. David talks about his inspirations and his next project. Text: Ángela Anessi
What are you currently working on ? I am always working on a new collages artworks around a new theme ‘Caravaggio’. I am also putting together a bookzine with some photography work, I have been doing over the last couple of year. What do you do for a living ? I am a freelance graphic designer. In my free time, I am also a make-up artist. What are your inspirations while doing collages ? I live in Paris, but things I witness while traveling are my main inspiration. I collect photograph, then I use fashion magazines from around the world to remix them with a patchwork of these photographs around one single theme (such as ancient greek statues, native art, textiles, animals and organic shape). I like to deform images, transmute them, in order to change their meanings. I see it as a new metaphor and a quest to embrace feminity in a complicated visual landscape. What are you future projects ? I am getting interested by the connection between the North American living and their connection to their heritage and nature. I will be moving in Toronto, Canada, for to get further on the subject. You can find more images on his

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