lundi 22 août 2011


Cannes 2011’s closing night film will be Les Bien-aimés (The Beloved), from director Christophe Honoré. The film will screen out of competition on May 22, following the awards ceremony. Les Bien-aimés stars Catherine Deneuve, Ludivine Sagnier, Chiara Mastroiani, Milos Forman, Louis Garrel, Michel Delpech and Paul Schneider as characters guiding us throughout decades in Prague, London, the “world of Sept. 11,” and modern day Paris. Honoré‘s film Les chansons d’amour premiered at Cannes 2007 (Honoré pictured on set with his actors).

Scripted by Honoré, this romantic comedy takes place over two time periods. In the first, during the 1960s, Madeleine leaves Paris to join her new husband Jaromil in Prague. The arrival of Russian tanks in the city marks their separation and Madeleine returns to France. In the second, in the 90s, Madeleine’s daughter Véra falls in love in London with Henderson, who feels unable of loving her. Madeleine and Véra each play out their feminine roles at the end of the 20th century, albeit with slight stubbornness, without which they would simply give in.

01 Je peux vivre sans toi - Ludivine Sagnier 03:01
02 Prague - Ludivine Sagnier 02:25
03 Les chiens ne font pas des chats - Ludivine Sagnier,Rasha Bukvic 03:08
04 Tout est si calme - Ludivine Sagnier,Chiara Mastroianni,Catherine Deneuve,Clara Couste 02:53
05 Who do you love ? - Thousand 02:46
06 Ici Londres - Chiara Mastroianni,Paul Schneider 03:09
07 Une fille légère - Chiara Mastroianni,Catherine Deneuve 03:02
08 J'en passerai - Chiara Mastroianni 03:08
09 Qui aimes-tu ? - Chiara Mastroianni,Paul Schneider 02:39
10 Reims - Louis Garrel 03:21
11 Jeunesse se passe - Chiara Mastroianni 03:01
12 Je ne peux vivre sans t'aimer - Catherine Deneuve 03:57
13 Puisque tu m'aimes - Omar Ben Sellem 02:01
14 Autour de ton cou - Louis Garrel,Chiara Mastroianni 04:15

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