jeudi 23 juin 2011


LOVE ! ♥ LOVE ! ♥ LOVE ! ♥LOVE ! ♥ LOVE ! ♥ LOVE ! ♥LOVE ! ♥ LOVE

Can't get enough of church conversions and this one is very special. A series of living spaces are positioned lightly within the historic building. Clean minimal lines allow the church's structure to shine. The light spilling in through the ornate stained glass windows splashes the sparse modern interiors with rich colours. Furnishings are almost monastic but be sure they are luxurious at the same time. The soaring ceilings, the stonework, the open space! Imagine cranking up the stereo in a place like this. Heavenly bliss. And just when you think you have entered the heavenly light the flesh is pampered in a daring, dark overindulgence of a bathroom. Sinful? Church conversion in Utrecht by Dutch architectural firm Zecc.

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