lundi 21 février 2011


Moscow and the surrounding subcultures, Rubchinskiy creates more than fashion. Going further than a label, his work is a totality, where orthodoxy meets black metal, sports and skateboard culture; a "gesamtkunstwerk" involving casting photography, design and artistic direction. Rubchinskiy is one of the emerging multitasking creative talents of Europe, but he is still is an exception in his Russian homeland. The label express the unrelayed voice of a youth that has re-appropriated Western culture in a very exclusive and peculiar Russian way. German art and fashion cult magazine 032c invited Gosha Rubchinskiy to show a sort of retrospective of his work in their Berlin gallery, and even though the designer doesn't like the idea of a 'retrospective', it is quite the case. Dazed Digital talked to Gosha Rubchinskiy about his teenage years in Russia, his vision of fashion and some possible future developments.

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