mercredi 26 janvier 2011


LITTLE BIRDS is the definition of a Sundance misfire: the films I put on my “must-see” list every year, simply because they feature my favorite young indie stars. In years past, I’ve been drawn in by the likes of Joe Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, Lou Taylor Pucci, and others. This year’s honor goes to my current “indie girl” crush, Juno Temple (also at the fest for Gregg Araki’s fun-filled apocalypse revisit, KABOOM!). Little Birds revolves around the complicated friendship of two 15-year-old girls (Temple and young actress Kay Pannabaker, perhaps known from Hollywood’s recent remake of Fame) who go on a journey only to find out that there really is no place like home. Despite interesting supporting performances from Kate Bosworth and Leslie Mann (who get their hands dirty playing trailer park trash) and another of the fest’s male “it” boys, a sweet Kyle Gallner (also in town for Kevin Smith’s Red State) who plays Temple’s love interest, this tale of innocence lost couldn’t even begin to trigger anything that resembled empathy from my emo heart.

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